The Digi-Mechanics-School Project in Accra, Ghana
The Digi-Mechanics School offers courses that teach digital car repair in all its different

The Digi-Mechanics-School offers courses that teach digital car repair in its various forms. The courses are addressed to workshop owners in the informal sector of the city, trained mechanics and apprentices. They are also addressed to young women or men who are interested in IT technology and who are interested in analysing digital car defects to support mechanics. Initially, two 5-day courses will be offered:
The “Basic Course” and the “Advanced Course”.

During these courses, cars are analysed and repaired for a fee; this income is not sufficient to finance a German expert in the initial phase, but it will be able to sustain the later operation of the courses with Ghanaian trainers.
Start-up funding is needed, as German experts will also train the future Ghanaian seminar leaders during the first 6 months. Through this multiplier effect, many mechanics can be trained afterwards.

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