Who we are:

and who is ChAYo – we are people of different ages, gender, origin, professional background, and personal experiences in African countries. Some of us come from African countries or have worked there. Through our involvement in education and training projects, the idea was born to promote and assist well organized projects.

We are convinced that aid can only stimulate sustainable development if it supports the local people’s own ideas and initiatives.

Our aim is to promote autonomous development and responsibility.

Who is supported?

Young people as they are the great hope for families and the society get a chance to develop projects with their creativity, motivation and commitment. Due to our aims, we promote and support local institutions and projects for vocational schools and school education, that came into existence from individual initiative.

What do we support?

  • Start-up funding for new projects
  • Grants for the acquisition, expansion, and extension of existing projects
  • temporary projects
  • Advice and help, also on theoretical basics
  • possible networking with other projects and groups.

Our criteria for funding:

  • Training and educational opportunities for all young people
  • traceability and sustainability of support/funding
  • no permanent financing or lending

We appreciate your interest in our association and our work, which is entirely voluntary. The realisation of our goals can only be achieved through many helpers, supporters, donors and sponsors.

Would you like to donate? 

Volksbank Stuttgart VOBADES

IBAN: DE03 6009 0100 0625 3470 05

Would you like to become a member? The application form is on our website: www.chanceforafricanyouth.org